Happy New Years!
Happy New Years!

You Entered The Secret List!

Stay tuned on Black Friday through Cyber Monday (Next week!)  for an AWESOME deal!

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Valid for Secret List VIPs Only
Secret List VIPs please select 4-8ish items max due to high demand


You will be notified via email beginning on Next Thursday through the following Monday (AKA BLACK FRIDAY THROUGH CYBER MONDAY!) So check your emails!!
To ensure that you are notified of SECRET:
  1. Add emily@thefullmetal.com as a contact
  2. Next Thursday through the following Monday check if the email landed in "Promotions" or "Spam", move the email into your "Primary" section. 
  3. If it landed in one of these folders, the email must be moved into your Primary inbox to click the link for the Special Access!

Stay Tuned For The Secret!

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